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We perform the following installation and repair works on electricity networks (electrical wiring) of up to 400 Volts located inside and outside the buildings as well as outdoors:

  • Installation of an electricity network (electrical wiring): single-phase and three-phase sockets, switches, joint boxes etc, connecting wires and cables;
  • Inspection of the state of an electricity network (electrical wiring): quality inspection of wire and cable insulation and contact connections, inspection of technical order of sockets, switches, joint boxes and other electric parts;
  • Resistance measurements of an electricity network (electrical wiring) and drawing up (issue) of measurement reports;
  • Elimination of electricity network (electrical wiring) failures;
  • Connection of the electric appliances to the grounding devices (installation of grounding), installation of a grounding device (grounding circuit).

We provide consulting on the issues associated with the power supply and consumption:

  • Options for selection of a better (more advantageous) electricity rates;
  • Means for saving the electricity;
  • Selection of electricity supply backup means in the case of supply failures;
  • Connection of new electricity consumers to the electricity network of AB Lesto;
  • Increase of power capacity;
  • Analysis of possible failures causing excessive electricity consumption.

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